Technical Nonwovens for Composite Structures

When developing nonwovens for composite structures, our focus is on performance and sustainability. Whether for roller coatings, cable applications, body armor, or renewable energy sources, our high-quality nonwovens are increasingly used for a wide range of applications.

  • reinforcing structures for various composite manufacturing processes (e.g., infusion molding, vacuum forming, RTM processes, winding techniques with synthetic and natural resins, pultrusion)
  • surface finishing of composites
  • body parts for yachting and motor sports vehicles, public transport / aviation
  • leisure sports equipment
  • tubes / CiPP
  • wire and cable applications
  • roll covers

We rely on diverse and high-performance fibers:

In addition to high-performance man-made fibers (aramid), we also use natural fibers (flax, hemp) for composite structures and are flexible in terms of fiber diameter and length.

For the manufacturing of bio-composites different raw materials can be used:

Natural Fibers Sustainable Fibers
flax viscose
hemp lyocell
cotton polylactide (PLA)
sheep wool  

Outstanding Performance Features:

Excellent Material Characteristics: Performing Product Options:
  • light-weight
  • increasing safety and material strength
  • flexible, conformable
  • excellent optical appearance and surface finish
  • tear-reststant and durable
  • intermediate volume fraction reinforcement
  • homogeneous texture
  • electrical conductivity
  • rapid wet-out
  • easy to impregnate
  • isotropic fiber orientation and strength in all directions
  • antistatic


We are your Contact for Natural Fiber Composites

Natural fibers for technical textiles address the growing importance for environmentally conscious manufacturers and consumers. Thereby, the biodegradability of the materials becomes more and more important.

Our spunlace technology enables us to produce tear-resistant, durable, and strong nonwovens made from 100% natural fibers. These textiles can be used in many different applications, as reinforcing materials, or as optical surface layer, for example in the areas of:

  • interior design
  • sports
  • marine
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