High-Quality Roll Covers

In plants for paper production, products of the highest quality and durability are important. A focus is also on the transport and work rolls. In addition to full-metal rolls, lighter and cheaper alternatives have now entered the market, including rolls that consisting of nonwovens and resin blends.

Para-aramid fibers (rarely also PET fibers) are included as nonwoven strips into the roll surface as a fiber-plastic composite. They thereby increase the impact resistance and improve the structure of the roll coverings. The nonwoven strips are soaked directly in the winding on the roll core with synthetic resin and the entire roll then cured, over-turned and ground. For new rolls, this process is repeated several times to build up layers. Norafin uses its own patented process for the seamless joining of rolls to produce the rolled-up nonwoven strips.

End Uses:

  • roll covers in the paper industry and in laminate production
  • squeezing rollers, etc. for the transport of metal parts in the auto industry

Our products are convincing due to:

  • homogeneity over the entire product width
  • higher corrosion resistance
  • improved resistance to discoloration and UV radiation degradation
  • improved wear and impact resistance
  • introducing reinforcing structures
  • antistatic effect with the help of fiber components
  • dyeing and functionalizing nonwovens up to pre-pregging
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