Norafin CRYSTALEN® stands for nonwovens to filter gases and liquids. We supply filter media that optimize the product lifecycle, the filtration efficiency and operating costs.

With our capability to process a variety of fibers (microfibers, PPS, aramids, polyimides...) and with our proprietary production process, our nonwovens show a consistent filter surface characterized by a higher number of finer pores and homogeneous cross-section leading to an increased filter performance.

Norafin CRYSTALEN® stands for:

  • high quality filter media
  • stability
  • purity
  • durability

Performance Features of our Nonwovens:

  • homogeneity of the surface allows for an easier dedusting and increased filter efficiency
  • improved efficiency of spunlaced nonwovens with lower area densities compared to spunbonded nonwovens (weight range between 180 g/m² and 350 g/m²)
  • isotropic fiber orientation guarantees for high stability
  • high-temperature-resistant solutions through the use of high performance fibers
  • pleatable filter media
  • chemical and solvent resistance
  • FDA/EU10 2011 compatible filter media

Manufacturing of filter media through spunlace technology

During spunlacing, a homogenous, intertwined textile structure is created by means of water jets.  

Compared to the traditional needlepunch technology, the hydroentanglement offers benefits that enhance the filtration efficiency.


Spunlace Technology
  • no perforation of the nonwoven in the spunlacing process; fibers are not exposed to mechanical stresses
  • high material density, thus denser pores and better pore size distribution
  • high homogeneity of the surface > better dedusting, higher filtration efficiency
  • multi-layer technology > integration of metal scrims possible
Needlepunch Technology
  • higher pore size through strengthening process > higher weights are necessary to achieve the desired separation efficiency
  • some of the dust cake remains in the filter media after dedusting > no entire dedusting possible
  • limited choice of support scrims > no metal scrims possible
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