Special Nonwovens that Protect Everything

Our nonwovens offer the right solution for the most demanding requirements. They come in a wide variety of compositions: sometimes particularly soft to provide the necessary comfort, sometimes particularly stretch-resistant to withstand greater loads, sometimes reinforced with scrim to prevent damage, or sometimes fire-resistant to meet certain guidelines.

Thanks to our three-dimensional fiber design and subsequent spunlacing, our materials show a distinctive dimensional stability in all directions. For special areas and applications, we also offer traditional needle bonding.

Outstanding Performance Features of our Nonwovens

  • improved insulation and high resistance to heat
  • high-quality heat protection for single and multi-layer product solutions
  • industrially washable
  • isotropic fiber orientation for dimensional stability in all directions
  • durable and long-lasting product solutions
  • lightweight, high-quality material constructions offering high comfort & protection
  • high breathability

Special hazardous situations require even more specific performance features:

Fire & Heat
  • protection against flames and heat; among others for fire departments according to EN 469 / NFPA 1971
  • fire-blocking and flame-retardant properties according to various industry standards such as EN 45545-2, FAR 25-853, or 16 CFR part 1633 and others
Violent Impact
  • ballistic properties according to standard STANAG 2920
  • stab protection according to standard HOSDB, NIJ, VPAM, EN388 and others - protection against knives and spikes; cut and puncture resistance


Norafin's testing facilities enable us to constantly monitor the quality of our products and provide reassurance to our customers and to wearers of personal protective equipment (PPE).

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Jim Fowler
Sales Manager Protective Line

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Andy Schuffenhauer
Produktmanager Protective Line
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