Innovative Solutions

Our R&D Team

We understand innovation as a process, encompassing all stages; from arising questions and trends, to searching for ideas during the research and development-process, to the start of production.

This process is accompanied by a team of engineers, chemists, biologists, scientists, technologists, and students based in Germany that bring along the necessary knowledge as well as the proper grasp for future customer needs. These processes are shared and translated into products produced at the US Facility as well.

It is our aim to offer sustainable, innovative solution concepts, creating an additional value for our customers. Not only do we focus on the product itself, but also act as a driving force with the optimization of processes or the establishment of new technologies.

This process succeeds thanks to our intensive work in Research & Development, our strong internal teamwork between all departments, as well as our investments in quality and reengineering. This enables our team to react to changing market needs as well as to new, challenging product requirements.

Research & Collaboration

At Norafin, we do not only research in-house, but also attach great importance to strong partnerships with research institutes, universities, and business partners of our entire procurement chain. We are always interested in deepening and extending our partner network.

It is our organization’s internal strength combined with our external network that enables us to establish an all-encompassing solution to our customers’ requirements producing long-lasting product solutions.

Smart textiles, additive manufacturing, and the optimization of material management build the center point of our R&D work, which preserves resources and produces sustainably.

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