Protection in Dangerous Situations

Body armor needs to protect the wearer effectively from injuries caused by external impact. Soft body armor gives resistance to stab and slash attacks from knives and other sharp objects. Norafin's high-performance nonwovens offer improved protection at lower basis weights enhancing the wearer's comfort of body armor. Those nonwovens are employed e.g. in body equipment in the area of cut and fragment protection, or in combined body armors that allow stab and bullet protection at the same time.

Thanks to the combination of our internal technology know-how we succeeded in developing our unique Norafin KOMANDA® technology, which enhances the protective properties of our nonwovens while keeping their weight equally low.

End Uses:

  • fragment protection
    • bomb suits EOD
    • vests
    • bomb blankets
  • stab protection
  • anti-trauma
  • slash protection
  • cut protection
  • puncture protection
  • protection for animals, e.g. K9 protection vest

Performance Characteristics of our Products:

  • ballistic properties according to Standard STANAG 2920
  • stab protection according to Standard HOSDB, VPAM, EN388 and more – protection against knives and spikes; cut and puncture resistance
  • resistance due to the engineered fabric structure
  • durability
  • lightweight material that offers a high level of protection without sacrificing comfort
  • high material strength, extreme density, and homogenous fabric surface

Nonwovens for Cut/Stab & Soft Ballistic Protection

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