Arc Flash Protection

Increased technical and performance requirements represent new challenges for fabric manufacturers active in the protective apparel market today. People working in a dangerous environment need improved protection against hazardous risks such as flash fires or electric arcing.

On the one hand, we can achieve this goal with products integrating inherent flame protection that cannot be washed out and degraded by repeated field use.

Thanks to the combination of our internal technology know-how we succeeded in developing our unique patented Norafin KOMANDA® technology, which gives unique performance characteristics to our nonwovens. Norafin KOMANDA® provides a range of high-grade fabrics that answer the market’s needs for a lightweight, re-usable, strong, durable and breathable material applied in flame resistant clothing.



End Uses:

  • industrial FR work wear
  • arc flash protective clothing
  • motorsports, fire departments

Performance Characteristics of our Products:

  • excellent flame resistance
    • protection against heat and flame according to EN 11612
    • protection for welders according to EN 11611
    • meets ASTM 6413 standard
    • protection according to EN IEC 61482-1-2 (single-layered material)
      • class 1 below 165 g/m², class 2 below 300 g/m²
    • protection according to NFPA 2112 (double-layered material)
      • class 2 below 113 g/m²
  • arc flash protection according to NFPA 70 E – cat. 4
  • lightweight
  • strong FR protection for multi-layer and single-layer solutions
  • durability to washing (resistance of 100 industrial washes without any performance loss)
  • soft and drapable
  • superior breathability

Norafin Komanda® - Performance Engineered Fabrics for Protective Clothing

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