Protection from the elements

Norafin nonwovens can be engineered for reliable flame and arc resistance with added protection against rain, snow, sleet and wind. We developed safe and reliable industrial safety protection in the elements while providing endusers the comfort they need to complete the job.

End Uses:

Protective apparel for

  • electrical and utilities
  • oil and gas
  • pipeline works
  • works in the field of petrochemistry

Performance Characteristics of our Products:

  • wind and water proof thanks to special finishing, coating and lamination
  • durable
  • chemical resistance against acids, oils, alcohol, salts and alkalis
  • weldable
  • high-visibility effect for excellent daytime visibility
    • use according to EN ISO 20471 respectively ANSI/ISEA 107
  • flame retardant, protection against flash fire
    • use according to EN ISO 14116 respectively ASTM F2733
  • protection against arc flash
  • enhanced wearing comfort through lightweight materials
  • good processing attributes for tailoring
Your Contact Persons
Norafin Dawn Pechin

Dawn Pechin
Business Development Manager Protective Line

T:+1 828 435-7066
Norafin Jeff Henkemeyer

Jeff Henkemeyer
Sales Manager Protective and Performance Line

T:+1 828 435 7044
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Norafin Andy Schuffenhauer

Andy Schuffenhauer
Product Manager Protective Line

T:+49 3733 5507 240