Cosmetic facial masks

Made in Germany

Besides the application in cosmetic pads and wipes, we specialize in the area of facial sheet masks as roll goods.

Read more about our nonwovens made of sustainable fibers for the manufacturing of cosmetic facial sheet masks (published in COSSMA,

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By using the skin-friendly Lyocell Skin fiber, our spunlace nonwovens are well suited for facial skin mask substrates and qualify themselves as high-quality material Made in Germany.

Clean & Safe

The fibers are produced in an environmentally-friendly process. Their cleanliness is monitored and tested periodically in accordance with industry standards.

Soft & Tender

The nonwovens surface is comparable to a fine fabric which feels comfortable and soft on your skin.

Gauzy & Translucent

Lyocell Skin fibers become translucent after moisture is introduced and therefore, enhance the feel-good factor of the sheet mask on your skin.

Excellent liquid management

Cellulose fibers provide for an efficient regulation of liquids and thus, contribute to a uniform distribution of liquids as well as to a comfortable skin care.

Tear-resistant & Strong

Thanks to their unique characteristics, Lyocell Skin fibers show a high stability in dry as well as in wet condition.

Environmentally friendly & Biodegradable

Manufactured from the natural and renewable raw material wood, cellulose fibers are compostable and biodegradable.

Unique features of our Norafin sheet masks

The special nonwovens for cosmetic facial sheet masks offer additional benefits compared to standard materials:

  • High stability of the nonwoven in wet condition could make the use of strengthening structures (additional layers, binder, plastics etc.) redundant.
  • Our spunlace technology provides an isotropic fiber orientation for stability in all directions.
  • The pureness of the Lyocell Skin fiber as well as the chemical-free nonwoven production make masking agents redundant.
  • Besides the bio-degradable Lyocell Skin fiber, we also offer natural fibers such as flax or hemp respectively their blends with Lyocell Skin as sustainable carrier materials.

Cellulosic standard products with viscose or lyocell are also possible.

Green up your life!

Sheet masks are typical throw-away products. Each facial mask made of nonwovens produces unnecessary waste and pollutes the environment.

Norafin places a high emphasis on the sustainability of its products and on the minimization of its ecological footprint. The use of sustainable raw materials is an important concern of our philosophy.

15 years ago we started to process flax fibers and developed into a specialist in this field. Over the course of this time, we have added more natural raw materials to our product portfolio, such as hemp. Nonwovens made of natural fibers like flax have a high tear strength and absorption capacity and can be applied as base material for cosmetic facial sheet masks – in pure form or in combination with the Lyocell Skin fiber.

Customized allocation

  • Individual roll packaging from 50 running meters to roll widths up to 1.2 m.
  • Customized widths from 80 mm up to 2,000 mm.
  • Minimum order quantity under 50,000 m² possible.
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