Requirements for the filtering of process liquids varies depending on their field of application. From pebbles to grains of sand to microscopic particles, it is important to adapt the attributes of the filter media to its application.

End Uses:

  • flat and deep bed filters for cooling and lubricant solvents in metal processing
  • plate filters
  • depression filters
  • fuel filter

Performance Characteristics of Our Products:

  • possible to adjust density to achieve best flow rates and optimal efficiency rates
  • high particle intake capacity
  • filtration efficiency (separation efficiency from 100 up to 10 µm)
  • high durability, stability and reliability during handling and operation
  • dewatering solutions based on:
    • water super absorbent fibers with water absorbing weight to weight capacity up to 1600%
    • coalescing and drainage filter media options

Norafin Crystalen® – Band Filters

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