EXTRA ORGANIC® – Use it & Compost it!

Norafin is striving to develop ecologically sustainable and compostable cloth solutions as an addition to the petroleum-based synthetic fibers commonly used in the cleaning sector, such as polyester, polypropylene, or their blends with viscose. Also in the market of personal hygiene products, there are already established alternatives to the widely used viscose. For example, lyocell is a fiber with significantly improved physical properties. As with viscose, the starting material is pulp from sustainable forests. However, the lyocell production process does not use any chemicals. More than 99% of the solvents used are recovered and returned to the production process in a closed cycle.

Norafin is also a world leader in the processing of purely natural fibers such as flax or hemp.

Thanks to our three-dimensional nonwoven layup and the waterjet process, we are able to produce nonwovens from sustainable raw materials with a stability that is usually only achieved by blending synthetic fibers. These cloth solutions are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Outstanding Performance Features:

  • renewable & biodegradable
  • reusable
  • absorbent
  • tear-resistant, even when wet
  • skin-friendly
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