We support personal well-being with cosmetic products that are not only particularly skin-friendly but also sustainable – thanks to the consistent use of natural, soft fibers. Cosmetic cleansing wipes, face masks, and cosmetic pads made of nonwoven fabrics by Norafin ensure gentle and thorough cleansing of a wide variety of skin areas.

In addition to the cosmetics industry, our products are also used extensively in the medical sector. Here, spunlaced nonwovens are used e.g. as swabs and for hygienic wound care. They are also further processed into surgical dressings, transport blankets, band-aids, and washing gloves.

Due to the extremely high flexibility of our production, we can realize a wide range of product specifications for you. Contact us right away, tell us what you need, and we will advise you personally

Our nonwovens are already being used successfully in these areas:

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