Protection in all Circumstances

Health is the most important asset. That is why the quality and reliability of our products is our first priority.

Our fibers are made exclusively in Europe to meet the highest standards of safety and comfort in a highly sensitive area. We select the appropriate process technology and equipment according to the product requirements and the intended application.

The needlepunching process gives the nonwoven a special softness and absorbency, while spunlacing ensures a pore-deep purity of the nonwoven as well as additional firmness due to the isotropic fiber orientation. Additional cleansing of the nonwoven is achieved by the high waterjet pressure applied in this bonding process. We check our process water for bacteria on a daily basis to ensure a hygienic and clean product.

Additionally, each nonwoven product can be tested for germs in an external laboratory in accordance with test standard AQC-MH-008.

Get in touch with us and find out more about our cosmetics & health products. They are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® as well as FSC®.

Outstanding Performance Features of our Nonwovens:

  • high skin compatibility
  • stability in all directions due to isotropic fiber alignment in the waterjet process
  • ultra-thin materials with high rigidity, even when wet
  • increased absorbency
  • pleasant wearing comfort due to particularly soft feel
  • good water absorption and release behavior
  • well suited for subsequent printing and finishing processes
  • high color stability of colored nonwovens
  • wash-resistant
  • odorless
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