Depending on customer requirements, we can realize different basis weights and incorporate valuable properties, such as heat resistance, even with low basis weights. This results in lightweight materials that are perfect for further processing in the production of personal protective equipment. For this purpose, we also offer subsequent options such as stitching and sewing. In addition, various finishing options are available to make nonwovens water- or oil-repellent, for example.

Get an overview of the wide range of configuration and customization options for our nonwovens. We are at your side and provide personal advice to identify the modifications that are best suited to fully meet your requirements. Contact us right away.

Available Product Modifications

Fibers & Fiber Blends

We use high-quality fibers and fiber blends for our nonwovens. These include meta- and para-aramids, polyimide amides, UHMW-PE, or oxidized polyacrylonitrile.

Process Technology & Area Density

Our two process technologies, needlepunching and spunlacing, enable us to offer our customers products with a wide spectrum of area densities, from 30 g/m² to 800 g/m².

Especially in the field of protective clothing, we can produce lightweight, high-quality materials with low area densities that offer a high level of comfort & protection.


Our Norafin 3D PERFORMANCE® material, with its embossed structure, provides improved insulation and increased comfort.

Other possible structures are smooth, fine, coarse as well as extra-coarsely perforated.

Multilayer Nonwoven Constructions

Double-sided material constructions allow different functions to be combined in one textile. In this process, two nonwovens with different properties are combined into a firmly bonded special textile using waterjet technology. The two functional layers can differ not only in terms of their structure or material, but two-color variants are also possible.

Furthermore, it is possible to incorporate layers of different materials into the nonwoven fabric.


We can produce our materials in different colors upon customer request.

Wash Resistance

Thanks to our Norafin KOMANDA® technology, our nonwovens can withstand many industrial washings, making them durable and sustainable.

Norafin Komanda® represents a range of sophisticated, high-quality materials that meet market demands for a lightweight, reusable, strong, and breathable technical textile, especially in the field of heat-protective clothing.

Customized Cutting and Packing

On our cutting machines, we can cut roll widths from 0.1 m to max. 2.4 m.

Our nonwovens can also be easily processed in the subsequent finishing process.


We offer our customers in-house as well as external finishing options for the manufactured rolled goods. Among others, the following properties can be achieved:

  • antistatic
  • wind and water repellent
  • chemical resistance to many acids, oils, alcohol, salts, and alkalis
  • highly visible; excellent visibility in daylight
    • application according to EN ISO 20471 and/or ANSI/ISEA 107
  • flame-retardant, protection against flash fire
    • application according to EN ISO 14116 and/or ASTM F2733
  • subsequent processing steps such as stitching and sewing
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