High-quality material structures and functional nonwovens that reliably protect against the effects of heat and flames or physical violence are essential in many areas. For example, firefighters all over the world benefit every day from workwear with a flame-retardant insulation layer by Norafin. Our nonwovens are also used by police and security forces, as well as in explosive ordnance disposal, because they can provide effective protection against physical violence.

Depending on the specification, Norafin nonwovens are suitable for use as flame barriers, wet barriers, or heat barriers, as well as splinter protection, stab protection, slash protection, or cut protection. Furthermore, they are characterized by high durability, breathability, and exceptional comfort. They can also be used to make protective footwear, gloves, and protectors for a wide range of industries.

Discover now how you can increase your and your employees' safety with Norafin products.

Our nonwovens are already being used successfully in these areas:

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