We have many years of experience in the production of nonwovens for the cosmetics, medical, and healthcare sectors. Combined with the high flexibility in our production, the resulting know-how enables us to unerringly identify and implement the ideal specifications for your request. The modification options range from the selection of suitable fibers or fiber blends, across various processing methods, to the choice of surface structure and color of the nonwoven products.

Because we want you to be completely satisfied with your Norafin product, our experienced experts sound out your needs in a direct personal exchange and provide you with comprehensive and competent advice on the various options. Contact us right away.

Available Product Modifications:

Fibers & Fiber Blends

We can use a wide variety of fibers and fiber blends for our nonwovens. In addition to purely synthetic fibers such as polyester and recycled polyester as well as fibers of botanical origin such as viscose (also colored), lyocell, and lyocell skin, we are also able to substitute these with natural fibers such as flax or hemp with comparable performance characteristics. Of course, blends of the different fiber types are also possible.

Process Technology & Area Density

Our two process technologies, needlepunching and spunlacing, enable us to offer our customers products with a wide spectrum of area densities: ranging from 16 g/m² to 600 g/m² they are suitable for a wide range of applications.


Depending on the application, a structure can increase the efficiency of a nonwoven. Thanks to our waterjet technology, we can offer our customers various nonwoven structures. Our structure portfolio ranges from smooth to fine, coarsely or extra-coarsely perforated, to our Norafin 3D Performance® material, an embossed nonwoven in various patterns.

Multilayer Nonwoven Constructions

Our multifunctional nonwoven combines two applications in one cloth. We combine two nonwovens with different properties using waterjet technology to create a firmly bonded special textile. The two functional layers can differ not only in terms of their structure or material – two-color variants are also possible.


Besides white and black, our nonwovens can also be made in green, pink, blue, yellow, red, and orange.


Thanks to our three-dimensional nonwoven layup and subsequent bonding in a waterjet process, we are able to produce nonwovens made of viscose, lyocell, lyocell skin, or natural fibers (e.g. flax, hemp, bleached flax or hemp) with excellent performance characteristics and without the addition of purely synthetic fibers. Our Norafin ECOLINE® nonwovens are biodegradable.

Customized Cutting and Packing

On our cutting machines, we can realize roll widths between 0.1 m to max. 2.4 m, at a minimum roll length of 50 rm and up to a maximum roll diameter of 1.2 m. A minimum order quantity below 50.000 m² is possible.

Small batch production of cosmetic face masks (dry die-cut) is also possible.


Our finishing techniques enable us to provide nonwovens with the following properties:

  • hydrophobic
  • grip-enhancing; higher stiffness
  • hydrophilic
  • change of surface (anti-slip/smooth)
  • foam application (stable/instable)
  • functional medical imprint

We have the following techniques at our disposal:

  • padding
  • printing & coating
  • kiss-roll process
  • laminating
  • calendering

Green Up Your Life!

We try to reduce our ecological footprint every day to help create a future worth living in for our children and our children's children. That is why we are developing functionally compliant materials with advanced properties that are biodegradable at the end of their life cycle, specifically with regard to alternatives to synthetic fibers and the nonwovens produced from them.

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