Cleanliness is not only required in your own home, but also in a wide variety of industrial areas. Our high-quality nonwovens offer a clean solution for every dirty challenge.

In the industrial sector, we offer professional cloth solutions for wet and dry cleaning in a wide range of industries, tailored to the various areas of application and their specific requirements, such as:

  • building cleaning
  • workshops
  • kitchens and canteens
  • hospitals
  • nursing homes
  • as well as in all industrial working areas

In addition to cloth solutions for surface cleaning, there are other special solutions for different purposes in private households, for example:

  • microfiber wipes, which absorb dust and dirt particles gently and without leaving streaks, e.g. as wipes for cleaning glasses to ensure a flawless view
  • paint-catching wipes, which are characterized by their reliable stability through several washing cycles as well as their increased paint absorption
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Manuel Sonnabend
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