Protection in Risky Situations

Norafin supplies the industry with highly engineered material structures and functional nonwovens, which are a reliable protection against heat and flame exposure. Our materials have a three-dimensional fiber orientation thanks to our spunlace technology. This results in a high number of pores allowing an excellent entrapment of air. The superior uniformity of the material and the homogeneity lead to improved insulation properties while increasing the breathability of the fabric. Due to the optimum properties of our materials, the number of layers used in protective apparel or the weight of the single layers can be reduced resulting in a lower overall weight. Wearing comfort is achieved thanks to our fabric’s texture.

We believe in providing unparalleled customer support, investing in above the norm in R&D and state-of-the art technology and in close communication with our partners, both up and downstream. So that the support we offer is an effective and a profitable product solution. It is our aim to transform your need into the right product concept and offer a durable solution that supports a safer life.

End Uses:

  • flame retardant (FR) insulation layer
  • flame barrier, wet barrier, heat barrier

Performance Characteristics of our Products:

  • protection against heat and flame, i.a. for fire departments according to EN 469 respectively NFPA 1971
  • wearing comfort
  • durability
  • breathability
  • improved insulation (protection against heat and flame)

Norafin Protective Barriers – Enhanced safety to different fields of application

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Andy Schuffenhauer
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