Norafin Masks -Made in Germany-

As a result of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the need for respiratory masks of protection classes FFP2 (Europe) and N95 (USA) has skyrocketed. The countries of the EU currently rely on deliveries from China. The federal government plans to localize the production of protective equipment for medical personnel in hospitals and care facilities more strongly in order to limit dependence on Asian manufacturers.

We want to make our mark with this by supplying masks made of our spunlaced nonwovens.

Nora F

- The Mask with FFP2-Certification -

Our Nora F is certified according to FFP2 requirements and therefore filters at least 94 % of the particles and aerosols.

Benefits at a glance:
  • mask as personal protective equipment (e.g. corona pandemic respirator according to the Robert Koch Institute; suitable for handling glass fibers, metal, various plastics, oil mist)
  • protection of the wearer and the other person
  • made in Saxony/Germany
  • based on spunlaced Norafin® nonwovens
  • with multiple functional layers
  • Flat fold design enables simple and space-saving storage before use
  • hygienically individually wrapped in foil
  • optimal fit, secure seal and high comfort on the face and head with integrated nose clip
  • suitable for people wearing glasses

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Saxon Cooperation - Norafin und XENON

Our cooperation with XENON offers a unique complete solution. Together we are able to offer the necessary nonwovens and the plant for the production of your own masks.

This visualization is part of a special project designed to promote Saxony's textile hub and its innovation segments. It is called “Visit Saxon’s Textile Hub”. It is funded by the SAXON STATE MINISTRY FOR ECONOMIC AFFAIRS, LABOUR AND TRANSPORT (SMWA) and coordinated by the Saxony Economic Development Corporation (WFS).

Norafin mouth and nose masks Type B2 – Double layers:

Our mouth and nose masks are made of 2 different functional layers:

  • reduce the risk of infection for you and your counterpart
  • the soft layer guarantees a soft fit on the skin and acts as a filter
  • the stiff layer brings stability and a water-repellency
  • re-washable at 60 °C

Please note:
The mouth and nose masks are not medical devices or personal protective equipment (PPE). They are not certified. Norafin assumes no product liability. The mouth and nose masks cannot be exchanged.

You want to order our Nora mouth and nose masks Type B2–Double layers directly online?

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