Protection in Different Situations

Our nonwovens provide solutions for multiple product demands. We offer highly engineered material structures and functional nonwovens in different compositions. Enhancing comfort by applying softness to our product, high elongation properties to coop with extreme forces or Flame retardancy to comply to worldwide standards

Protection our customers at work by using our multiple technologies and product capabilities and include our R&D capabilities in order to create a long-term partnership is important to us. We focus on translating your demand into a sustainable product solution to protect live.

End Uses:

  • safety shoes
  • gloves
  • protectors
  • industrial equipment protection

Performance Characteristics of our Products:

  • durability
  • breathability
  • improved insulation (protection against heat and flame)
  • protection against external mechanical penetration

Possible Product Modifications:

  • various fiber blends including meta and para-aramids as well as polyimides
  • variety of weights from 40 g/m² up to 450 g/m²
  • different structures
  • double-layering capabilities including scrim or textile inserts without binder
  • unique Norafin Komanda® technology solutions
  • various colors available
  • downstream options such as quilting or stitching
  • aftertreatment options, e.g. water and oil repellency
Your Contact Persons
Norafin Jim Fowler

Jim Fowler
Business Unit Manager Norafin (Americas) Inc.

T:+1 828 708 3154
Norafin Andy Schuffenhauer

Andy Schuffenhauer
Projektmanager Forschung & Entwicklung
PPE Specialist

T:+49 3733 5507 240