Solutions for Special Applications

Our nonwovens are used in a wide variety of special applications. Whether as upholstery in furniture or in an office chair – our many years of experience have given us the ability to develop and manufacture customized solutions that are adapted to your specific application.

End Uses:

  • roll-covering for printers
  • insulation in the space sector
  • photo developing support material
  • carrier fleece for coating and lamination
  • needle felt for pipe / sewer renovation
  • upholstery of office chairs and sofas

Performance Characteristics of our Products:

  • good processing properties for clothing
  • fire-blocking and flame-retardant properties according to various industry standards such as EN 45545-2 and UIC 564-2, FAR 25-853 or 16 CFR part 1633 and others
  • durable product solutions

Possible Product Modifications:

  • basis material made of different fibers
  • individual weights: basis material from 40 g/m²
  • different structures, e.g. flat, apertured, Norafin 3D Performance®
  • spunlaced and needlepunched product solutions
  • colored material solutions
  • double-sided material constructions
  • different aftertreatment options, e.g. coating or water repellent
Your Contact Persons
Norafin Amber Manno

Amber Manno
Business Unit Manager Norafin (Americas) Inc.

T:+1 828 435 7030
Norafin Janine Ruhnow

Janine Ruhnow
Projektmanager Forschung & Entwicklung

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