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Norafin Crystalen® stands for nonwovens to filter gases and liquids. We supply filter media that optimize the product lifecycle, the filtration efficiency and the operating costs.

Each day, around the world, our filtration products enhance the quality of the air that we breathe and help to protect the environment from hazardous emissions. Our filtration nonwovens for process air and liquid filtration are used to address dust and micro-pollutant issues and to purify and separate a wide range of liquids.

Thanks to the variety of fibers used (microfibers, PPS, meta-aramids, polyimide...) and the proprietary production process adopted, our nonwovens show a constant filter surface characterized by a higher number of finer pores and a homogeneous cross-section leading to an increased filter performance.

Since our fabrics can be individually engineered to improve cleaning characteristics, mechanical stability and dust holding capacity, we can always match specific client needs regarding product attributes and efficiency.
Be it in process air or dust filtration, HVAC or process liquid filtration, it is our aim to transform your need into the right product concept and offer a durable solution that supports a safer life.

Thanks to the newest testing technologies, we are able to perform important filter tests in-house.

Performance Characteristics of our Products:

  • superior filter surface with a higher density, finer and tighter pore sizes
  • enhanced pore distribution
  • high tear strength and stability
  • consistent MD:CD properties
  • abrasion resistant

Possible Product Modifications:

  • processing of different fibers, such as PET, PAN, microfibers, PPS, meta and para aramids, PI, PTFE
  • weight range between 30 - 900 g/m² [0.8 - 26.5 osy]
  • roll widths up to 2.30 m (production of individual roll widths and lengths) [90'']
  • different structures for filter media:
    • with or without support structure
    • pleatable filter media through support structures, with binder or binding fibers
    • TOP Layer-Technology: surface oriented filtration layer / membrane-like effect layer
    • different aftertreatment options: calendering, singeing, impregnating, with binder, coating, laminating

TOP Layer Technology

Thanks to its unique process, Norafin can develop and produce unique multilayer filter media structures in a one step production (without second step layer lamination).
Those structures consist in most cases of a spunlaced, robust, strong, tear-resistant underneath layer that is top-layered by means of the unique hydroentangling process with a reliable fine or microfine fiber layer providing extra performance such as significant filtration efficiency of finest particles.

The Top Layer- Technology provides a dust side, surface-oriented filtration effect that could be considered as a membrane-like effect. Top layers could be achieved with fine fibers, microfibers, micro-split fibers as well as with micro-foam or nano fibers.


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