Functional Wound Care

Norafin is a well-known manufacturer of special nonwovens for medical applications. Our products are produced with great care by experienced employees in well-engineered production processes. Only first-class, for medical application approved fibers of European origin are used in our medical products.

Ask for our STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® as well as for our FSC™-certified products!

Our nonwovens fulfill the following requirements according to DIN:

  • cytotoxicity according to DIN ISO 10993-5-12
  • skin irritation according to DIN ISO 10993-10-12-23
  • skin sensitization according to DIN ISO 10993-10-12

Fibers for highest requirements

Sustainable fibers

Man-made fibers



viscose polyester
colored viscose polypropylene
lyocell polylactide (PLA)


Norafin ECOLINE® is our product line focused around sustainable fibers.

The additional bio-degradability of our nonwovens is indicated with the label EXTRA ORGANIC ®.

Depending on the application, the properties of our nonwovens can be influenced by fiber blends.

For example, we offer:

  • special fibers as well as loaded fibers
  • individual cross sections
  • specific fiber gauges

Multi-layer nonwovens for absorption

Norafin has the capability to incorporate several functions in one nonwoven within a single process step – on a cellulosic basis:

Hydrophilic properties:

  • absorptive capacity: > 700%, in < 1 sec

Hydrophobic properties:

  • Water/oil repellent grade 1*
Our USPs:
  • Production of two-layer products in one process step
  • visual representation of 2 sides
  • 100 % viscose product > bio-degradable

*According to AATCC test method 193:2010

Functional aftertreatment


  • x-ray contrast stripes
  • activated carbon
  • calcium alginat fibers
  • hydroactive fibers
  • silver fibers
  • antiseptic impregnation


  • padding
  • coating by doctor blade
  • single color serigraphy

Customized allocation

  • individual roll packaging from  50 running meters to roll diameters up to 1,200 mm.
  • customized widths from 100 mm up to 2,000 mm
  • minimum order quantity under 50,000 m² possible
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