Cleaning Solutions

We offer professional wipe solutions for wet and dry-cleaning in the most different branches, which are adapted to various application areas and their special requirements.

End Uses:

  • cleaning services
  • garages
  • kitchen and cantina
  • all industrial work areas

Besides the typically used blends of polyester or polypropylene with viscose, Norafin seeks to develop ecological sustainable and biodegradable wipe solutions for the cleaning industry. Thanks to the three-dimensional fiber orientation of the spunlace technology, we are able to process nonwovens such as viscose, LENZING™ Lyocell, flax or blends of them in a comparable stability that usually can only be achieved by adding synthetic fibers. We also pay attention to an increased use of recycled PET fibers.

Ask for our STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® as well as for our FSC™-certified products!

Performance Characteristics of our Products:

  • high durability and enhanced absorbency properties
  • tear resistance, good MD:CD ratios
  • multiple use
  • soft material characteristics
  • dissolvent resistance
  • abrasion resistance
  • recyclability

Possible Product Modifications:

  • complex fiber blends: use of chemical produced fibers like polyester, PLA or viscose and natural fibers like flax and cotton
  • weights between 16 g/m² und 600 g/m²
  • various structures, e.g. flat, apertured (fine/coarse/ extra course), Norafin 3D Performance®, bubble structure
  • spunlaced or needlepunched nonwovens
  • multi-layered nonwoven constructions/multifunctional nonwovens
  • different colors (Color Code)
  • flexible widths: between 0.08 m to max. 2.40 m
  • diverse aftertreatment options: coating, printing, laminating, impregnating, calendering

Performance Engineered Fabrics for Cleaning

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Performance Engineered Fabrics for Specialty Applications

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