Products Derived from Natural Fibers

Since 2006, we have developed spunlaced nonwovens based on flax fibers. Thanks to this knowledge, we were able to extend our expertise to other plant and animal based fibers as well as to sustainable and biodegradable fibers.

Thanks to our technologies, we are able to process natural fibers without adding chemical supplements and produce high-performance nonwovens for industrial applications. Further functionalization through ecological finishing is as well as possible as the combination with different fiber types or textile rovings.

Ask for our STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® as well as for our FSC™-certified products!

End Uses:

  • home textiles (wallpaper, ceiling panels, sound absorber, impact sound insulation)
  • watering of plants
  • slope stabilization
  • plant bowls (paper pots) and growing aids
  • composite structures made of natural fibers/blends
  • roofing underlayers

Performance Characteristics of our Products:

  • biodegradable thanks to natural fibers (e.g. cotton, flax) and chemical-free processing technologies
  • industrial degradable (PLA)
  • isotropic features
  • sound absorbing and thermal insulation thanks to air inclusions in the fibers and nonwovens
  • natural fibers (e.g. flax) as ecological and good alternative to PP and PET fibers
  • excellent suitability as carrier for laminating and coating


Possible Product Modifications:

  • processing of a variety of natural fibers, e.g. cotton, flax, hemp
  • different weights
  • various structures: flat, apertured, Norafin 3D Performance®
  • spunlaced and needlepunched nonwovens
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