Biodegradable Materials

The constantly growing environmental awareness, the use of renewable raw materials (sustainability), the recyclability of textiles and fibers, the general tendency to use biodegradable textiles and the outstanding textile characteristics of the natural fibers lead to an increased use of those fibers in the processing of textiles.  

Through intensive research and considerable investments, we have succeeded in processing flax on an industrial scale using our spunlace and needlepunch technology. We are able to produce nonwovens in different weights, surface textures, and finishings.

A significant advantage of the flax plant is already reflected in the ecological cultivation. It needs significantly less water in comparison to other natural fibers. In addition, the flax plant makes no entitlements to the soil and does not need chemical fertilizers, as long as it is growing in appropriate cultivation regions. The flax for our Norafin Ecoline® nonwovens comes from Northern France.

End Uses:

  • interior design (e.g. wallpaper, sound absorption elements, ceiling panels, window shades)
  • roof sheeting
  • sport & leisure (e.g. fun boards)

Performance Characteristics of our Products:

Flax, as a representative of natural fibers offers outstanding performance characteristics for nonwovens.

  • tear-resistant
  • durable & robust
  • even surface structure
  • high natural modulus of elasticity
  • low weight compared to carbon or glass fiber
  • vibration dampening
  • UV-resistant

Flax as high-performance, ecologic composite

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