Technical Nonwovens for Composite Structures

With a focus on performance and sustainability, Norafin supplies highly engineered fabrics for composite structures. Be it for roll covers, body armour or ballistic protection, motorsports or renewable energy sources, we offer performance product options to our customers.

Thanks to a variety of fibers such aramids, polyester, or flax and the high flexibility regarding the fiber diameter and –length, we are able to offer various composite structures with outstanding material characteristics.

End Uses:

  • reinforcement structures for various composite production technologies (e.g. infusion/vacuum molding, resin transfer molding, winding technology with synthetic and natural resins)
  • surface finishing layer
  • ballistic protection
  • protection against external impacts
  • body parts of motorsports and watersports vehicles

Performance Characteristics of our Products:

  • improved safety through increased material strength: compression resistance, anti-cracks effect, resistance to shock
  • excellent optical appearance and surface finish
  • structural reinforcement of the product’s intermediate layer
  • surface conductivity (according to DIN 54345)
  • lightweight
  • tear-resistant and durable
  • even surface quality
  • flexible, tensile, moldable
  • free of binders
  • rapid wet-out (e.g. resin), easy-to-impregnate
  • consistent MD:CD properties (machine/transverse direction)
  • 3-dimensional fiber orientation

Possible Product Modifications:

  • use of various fibers and fiber blends, use of biodegradable fibers, e.g. flax and viscose
  • different weights
  • various structures, e.g. flat, apertured

Norafin – Composite Nonwovens

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