Quality at Norafin

The goal is to produce high quality products with reliable support from our quality department. From the development of new products to final inspection of finished goods, we ensure that our nonwovens meet the required criteria in every aspect.

Our goal is the absolute customer satisfaction. Our commitment to quality means to:

  • continuously offer products and services that we have assured the customer.
  • meet or better exceed agreed expectations in regard to the product or service.
  • offer excellent service and delivery reliability.
  • actively support our clients in their own development,
  • ensure continuous improvements in quality, cost, and effective use of raw materials.
  • sensitize our employees to the needs of our customers with clear responsibilities and goals.

We are satisfied when our customers are satisfied. This encompasses:

  • The optimization of our processes with the involvement of our employees.
  • The work according to the latest technological standards.
  • The realization of regular employee training to improve our standards.

In the SPC software system, test characteristics are planned, and test data is recorded. The test results of the respective production line can be displayed in production cockpits. During process control, a recalculation of tolerances and control limits can take place.

Laboratory Test Equipment

The properties, condition, quality, and processes are monitored during production by qualified employees of the quality department. Our laboratory team works multiple shifts and independently of production. We have several laboratories for product and process control. These are equipped with extensive measuring technology to carry out textile-physical tests. The measuring technology is regularly calibrated by external service providers and monitored internally. In addition to that internal measuring equipment analysis are carried out. On request, special tests can be carried out by external testing institutes.

The most important product parameters are monitored with inline measuring technology. A visual assessment of the produced web (inline) happens additionally, however this happens with the aid of an evaluation software. All test results and sample swatches from each batch are archived. Traceability to the original raw material is guaranteed through unique labeling at every production step.

The following material tests are part of the standard portfolio that we carry out in order to guarantee a high quality product testing:

Test Parameters

  • Thickness [inch]
  • Basis weight [g/m²]
  • Tensile strength [lbf]/Elongation [%]
  • Air permeability [l/dm²/min]
  • Absorption capacity [%]
  • Residual moisture [%]

Test Methods

  • ASTM D 1777
  • ASTM D 3776
  • ASTM D 5034
  • DIN EN ISO 9237
  • DIN ISO 9073-6
  • DIN EN 29073-6

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